Our history

It all began in 1972 when Marcel Revelles, our founder (a visionary), had the idea to create, with the valuable support of his wife Hélène, a company that would import furniture and decoration pieces, initially from Spain and Portugal, and later from Asian countries. In this new era of globalization, the company proved to be a pioneer.

Batiment Revimport 1980
Over the years, our company has adapted to market changes. Faced with rising import costs, we shifted towards smaller and more accessible pieces, including decorative items, garden pots, and small furniture, for example. This transition allowed us to continue offering quality products while remaining competitive in the market.
Today, as we celebrate over fifty years of existence, our story continues to unfold. We are proud of our past, but we also look to the future, ready to tackle new challenges and continue our growth with determination and ambition.
Batiment Revimport 1980
Aujourd’hui, alors que nous célébrons plus de cinquante ans d’existence, notre histoire continue de s’écrire. Nous sommes fiers de notre passé, mais nous sommes également tournés vers l’avenir, prêts à relever de nouveaux défis et à poursuivre notre croissance avec détermination et ambition.


Spaces that tell stories…


Our Ambitions

Our ambitions mirror our history: rooted in tradition yet firmly focused on the future. For over 50 years, we have evolved and adapted to the challenges presented to us while maintaining our family spirit and commitment to our customers. Moreover, we are optimistic about our ability to overcome certain obstacles and progress in a constantly changing world.

A customer service for you

Each customer is unique with their own needs and preferences. That’s why we aim to offer you personalized support. Furthermore, we have known you for a long time and understand what you require. Thanks to this trusted relationship, our team accompanies you with professionalism. Lastly, we demonstrate enduring expertise; our employees have been loyal to us for many years, a testament to our commitment and expertise in our field.

Nos engagements

Our Commitments:

We pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ needs in the best possible way. Quality products and attentive customer service are our way of showing that we care about your satisfaction. Additionally, we pledge to remain attentive and evolve with time. Our goal is to adapt to the changing market needs and constantly innovate to stay up-to-date.